Quyrium, our first game, is a challenging bullet hell shoot'em up (or "shmup") made for hardcore gamers as well as players who are new to the genre. It is heavily inspired by the classic arcade games but it also comes with some fresh flavours. The game is still in development but you already can check out the demo to get a first impression.

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Current version: 0.2

If you're running Windows and you're not sure if it is 32- or 64-bit, simply select the 32-bit version.

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  • 5 challenging stages
  • 3 different ship types
  • 2-player co-op
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 6 powerful items
  • 2 different game modes
  • An uncommon cooldown-based item system similar to what you know from Hack'n'slash games
  • Online leaderboards
  • Relentless bosses
  • Exhilarating bullet patterns
  • Thrilling electronic soundtrack from many great artists
  • ...and much more!


In the year 2129, overpopulation and fatal pollution on earth forced the humans to reach out into space, hoping to find a planet that can be colonized. A few years later they discovered a planet with an environment which seemed to be suitable for the human organism (at first). As research progressed, it became obvious that the newly discovered planet is still uninhabitable because the cyan-colored dust, which entirely fills its atmosphere, makes it impossible to breathe without appropriate protection equipment. Although the recent discovery was a failure, scientists figured out that the dust originates from an unknown crystalline mineral with an unprecedented energetic potential. The codename of the discovered planet was Quyrion, so the scientists called the material Quyrium.

Because Quyrium was so powerful, the humans started to extract it for their own use and it quickly became the most important resource on earth. It solved all energy issues and it became an incredibly valuable medium of exchange.

Over the following years, more and more areas on earth became uninhabitable and the overpopulation seemed to be unstoppable. This situation constantly caused numerous conflicts among many countries, so they started to build devastating Quyrium-based weapon systems to defend themselves. This led to the "Cold World War" - a steadily growing worldwide political tension.

In 2137, this conflict ended in the biggest war in history. Billions of people died, numerous countries were completely destroyed, the world economy collapsed entirely and Quyrium became the only relevant currency.

On October 1st 2143 at 1:27 UTC, all space centers simultaneously received numerous emergency calls from the workers on Quyrion. They reported gigantic air raids, carried out by strange-looking spaceships. Every single emergency call was interrupted within seconds and any contact to the people on Quyrion was lost. Before anyone could react to this incident, all governments reported the same overwhelming attacks on earth.

Nobody knows who the invaders are but now it's on you to strike back and defend humanity!

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