Setting up a DanmakuOrigin

Every object which you want to spawn bullets (e.g. an enemy, the muzzle of a stationary gun or your player's cannons) needs the DanmakuOrigin-component attached to it.

To add the DanmakuOrigin-component to a GameObject, select it first and then choose "Component -> Danmaku Engine -> DanmakuOrigin" from the menu.

You can also add the component from the inspector of the currently selected GameObject by clicking "Add Component -> Danmaku Engine -> DanmakuOrigin".

Next, you should define which context this origin will operate on and which bullet patterns it uses.

  • Context Name
    The name of the context which the origin (and all its spawned bullets/emitters) will operate on.
    Note, that context-names are case-sensitive and have to exactly match the names you have assigned in your DanmakuController-component.

  • Bullet Pattern
    A reference to a compiled DanmakuJSON-file

  • Bullet Patterns
    A set of additional compiled DanmakuJSON-files

  • Start Pattern Automatically
    If you have a DanmakuJSON file attached to the field "Bullet Pattern", this origin will start the bullet pattern as soon as it becomes active.

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