Creating bullet patterns

Bullet patterns are described in DanmakuJSON-files (with the extension .dmjson) which can be edited in any text editor.

You can create a new bullet pattern by selecting the option "Assets -> Create -> Danmaku Engine -> DanmakuJSON File" from the main-menu or "Create -> Danmaku Engine -> DanmakuJSON File" from the context-menu in the project hierarchy (right-click in the "Project"-window).

You can also put .dmjson-files anywhere in the /Assets-folder of your Unity project - these will be imported automatically.

To avoid performance penalties during runtime, all .dmjson-files are automatically compiled to a binary format which is stored in additional .asset-files. Note, that only these compiled files can be attached to your DanmakuOrigins.

In case you deleted one or more compiled DanmakuJSON-files choose the menu option "Edit -> Danmaku Engine -> Compile All Bullet Patterns..." to re-compile all .dmjson-files in your project.

The DanmakuJSON Editor

For quick live-editing and debugging purposes you can edit your bullet patterns with the DanmakuJSON Editor (also while your game is running). Choose "Window -> DanmakuJSON Editor" to open it.

Note, that this editor has a very limited feature set - use a text editor you are most comfortable with if you want to make bigger changes to your bullet patterns.

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