Class "DanmakuController"

Namespace: VirtualDropkick.DanmakuEngine.Unity
Inherits from: UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour


The global interface between Unity and the Danmaku Engine. Note, thst you need exactly one instance of this component in your Unity scene.

Static Properties

DanmakuController Instance
Returns the unique instance of this class. Note, that the return-value can be null if the Awake()-method of this object has not been called before.

Public Members

bool useFrameBasedTime
Determines if the time-calculations are based on seconds or frames

bool doNotDestroyOnLoad
Determines if this object will be destroyed when a new scene is loaded

DanmakuContext[] contexts
An array of all attached contexts

Public Properties

string[] ContextNames
An array of the names of all attached contexts

Public Methods

DanmakuContext GetContext(string name)
Returns the context with the given name - null if it was not found

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