Danmaku Engine

The Danmaku Engine is a plugin for Unity to easily create complex bullet-patterns for 2D "bullet-hell" (jap.: "danmaku") games. It can also be used for spawning and controlling the movement of enemies, power-ups, etc.

Even though the engine is primarily designed for arcade-style Shoot'em ups, it basically works like a programmable 2D-particle system which can be used for many other game-genres or anything which requires complex movement of many objects.

Main Features

  • Easy creation of complex movement-patterns using DanmakuJSON
  • Live-editing of patterns inside Unity for rapid creation and debugging
  • High flexibility
  • Ready to use without any programming

Check out the showcase to see the Danmaku Engine in action as well as the manual to learn how to use it in your own Unity-project.

See the Danmaku Engine in action Read the manual
Buy the Danmaku Engine plugin

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